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Darth Vader

Although Darth Vader is portrayed as a villian in most of the Star Wars movies, he was actually a good guy really, really, REALLY deep down.
Darth Vader (aka Anakin Skywalker) was born of noble birth, although he did not know it. He spent his childhood living with his mother as a slave on a desert planet. As he grew, he came to meet the jedi (warrior) Obi Wan. Anakin decided that he wanted to be a jedi as well, and became Obi Wan's apprentice. However, Anakin was unable to control his anger, and after witnessing his mother's death turned to the dark side. He bacame Darth Vader, and his mission was to destroy the jedi.
Darth Vader tried to kill his own son, Luke Skywalker. However, in the end, just as Luke was about to die, Darth Vader turned to the good side again and spared his son and sacrificed himself.
Darth Vader can be called a tragic hero because of the following reasons:
-He was born of noble birth, although he didn't know it.
-He was responsible for his own death because he gave his life instead of killing his son.
-He had a tragic flaw- his anger.
-He used to be loved before he turned to the dark side, when he grew to be hated.
-He died willingly, therefore facing death with honor.
-He saved his son by dying, therefore meeting a tragic death.



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