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Many of us may not remember Boromir, from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, but he is actually very, very tragic hero-y. He passed the tragic hero test with flying colors. Not only was he noble and responsible for what happened, he was also doomed and dead. In all reality, Boromir truly deserved his death, and he truly deserved his burial because he was an honored guy who couldn't resist the tempations of the power and fortune of the RING.
Borormir was a tragic hero for the following reasons:
1. He was born of noble birth. Let us all remember that his father was the Steward of Gondor. He was very noble.
2. He was responsible for his own fate because he willingly rushed towards a really evil guy (a.k.a. orc) with lots of arrows and ended up trying to save Merry and Pippin.
3. His tragic flaw was his greediness. He was very power hungry and wanted the ring for his own.
4. He was doomed to make an error in judgement when he didn't think that Frodo was worthy to carry the burden of the ring. He was very doubtful.
5. He fell from a great height. Remember, after he died, Aragorn put him a canoe and pushed off the edge of a giant waterfall.
6. He realized his mistake when Frodo put on the ring and disappeared. Unfortunately, he couldn't fix his mistake.
7. He accepted his fate. He couldn't fix what he had done, so he decided to fight for the hobbits lives, even if he failed miserably.
8. His death was tragic. I'm sure his girlfriends back at Gondor cried for him.


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