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Tragic Heroes Webquest

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Mufasa was a great lion. He was king of all the animals around Pride Rock. He had a happy life... almost. He had a brother (Scar), who was "scarred" physically (his eye) and mentally because he was "ill-hearted". Mufasa trusted his brother even though his brother was evil. Because of this trust, Mufasa eventually came to his end. Mufasa tried to save his son, Simba, from dying and and needed help from his brother. Mufasa was hanging from a cliff and Scar was the only one who could save him. When Mufasa reached out for his brother, Scar turned away and Mufasa fell to his death. If Mufasa had not trusted his brother, he could have lived longer.

Mufasa is a tragic hero because he truly beleived his brother and lended his hand, but his brother was not like Mufasa, he had no heart for his brother. Therefore he is a tragic hero.

We truly like Mufasa for his clean heart, and I am glad that Simba, his son, killed Scar later.


A collection and description of tragic heroes from books and movies.