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Sirius Black

Sirius Black was a misunderstood prisoner. He was accussed of tipping off Voldemort on the location of Harry Potter's parents. However, Sirius Black would never have done this, because he was a great friend of Harry's parents and Harry's godfather. However, there was no way of knowing who the real traitor was, and since a lot of evidence was shown against Sirius Black, he was thrown into jail, where he remained for many years. However, he eventually escaped and proved himself innocent to Harry Potter, but was forced to live on the run.
Dumbledore, Hogwarts Headmaster, never doubted the innocence of Black, and in the fifth book, Harry Potter and the Order of The Pheonix, Black fought alongside Dumbledore. They were fighting to save Harry, Ron, and Hermione's life. Sadly, Black got a little cocky and a super evil witch cast a spell at him and he ended up falling into some mysterious curtain thing. Dumbledore proclaimed him dead. Harry was very sad because he loved his godfather very much.
It really is sad that he died because he was a really cool dude. He looked cool, he seemed cool, he sounded cool...and he was cool. He was also a tragic hero.

Sirius Black is a tragic hero because of the following reasons:
-He knew that he was responsible for his own fate because he willingly fought, outnumbered, for Harry.
-His tragic flaw was Harry Potter (Harry was stupid so Sirius had to save him)
-He made an error in judgement when he assumed that he was stronger than the bad guys.
-He used to be loved, but was thrown in jail and called a hateful prisoner.
-He realized that he was to die when he began to fight for Harry's life.
-His death was tragic.




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