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John Proctor

John Proctor was strong man who lived in Salem. A long time ago, he had an affair with his very young maid. This wasn't because he loved her, it was just a short lust because John Proctor's wife was "cold" (even though she was truly warm in the heart). He later figured that his true love was only his wife and so he fired the maid and lived with his wife.
Life for the young maid wasn't quite pleasant after the affair because she truly loved Proctor. She was so jealous of Proctor's wife that she started to accuse people of being witches. As a result of the young maid's stupid jealousy, a bunch of innocent people died, and Proctor's wife was accussed of being a witch. In order to save his wife, Proctor died in her place. The young maid ended up killinh her one true love.
If only Proctor had said that he was not a witch he could have lived, but he didn't want the others to die alone... he was brave. 

John Proctor was a true tragic hero. He had died because of his tragic flaw: he cheated on his wife. If only he hadn't "known the maid" she wouldn't have fallen in deep love with him and became jealous of his wife killing everyone. He was responsible for his death, but because he gave up his life for the one he truly loved, his death was honorable. He died praying, therefore facing his death with honor.


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